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Short Film x Poster

Anti qr-code

Instant gratification and a designers worst enemy.

Anti QR Code

A short film about a 25 year old woman that spends her days talking about the existentialism of instant gratification and a designers worst enemy, the QR Code.

I challenged myself to write, direct and edit a short film within 11 days as my job application to @donaldglover ‘s creative studio, Gilga.

The application process was vague and open ended - so instead of telling the team what I could do, I wanted to show them.

The mission at Gilga is to be a filter for high quality and get further away from the instant culture of our phones. Anti QR-Code aligns with their mission by shining a light on the way that modern day changes are impacting art & design.

I feel like it's a secret I'm in on while everyone else is just walking by.

Appreciation for art on the street

My favorite thing to do is walk around the city and take note of all the grafitti/sticker/poster artists that line the streets. It's a free art show and the dedication to the craft is so impressive. This film is an ode to my love and appreciation for that.

I Didn't Get the job

After I made this WHOLE film about shitting on the QR-Code...a friend sent me this picture of Donald Glover WEARING a giant QR-Code on his chest at a Nets game.

Maybe that's why I didn't get the job ha.

Having the Gilga application to apply for was a perfect fire of motivation to get me to fully execute an idea. Getting the job would have been a bonus - but making it was the real win.

Behind the Scenes

How we made Anti-QR Code in 11 Days.