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Short FIlm x postcards

middle ground

The answer to lifes most existential questions are simpler than we think.

Short Film: Written | Directed | Filmed | Edited

Sponsored by Geotrek Vans

A tale of existential thoughts, lots of laughter and finding meaning in the simple things.

Geotrek Vans reached out and asked if I wanted to take a trip in one of their vans across the state of Colorado to see what creative inspiration was sparked. Living in New York City, life can feel so go! go! go! Career! Create! Output! It can get hard to quiet the mind.

I needed to find some quiet...but I didn't even really know how. Middle Ground is an exploration of the running questions in my brain - learning that in a time of highs and lows, getting out into nature is a great way to find middle ground.

Date Released: Nov 2023

Snail mail is alive and well

There's nothing better than receiving physical mail. And I'm not talking about the junk mail for Jesse Bongiorno that's been arriving at my apartment for the past 2 years.

A surprise pick me up from a friend who was thinking of you. I love sending postcards to my friends amidst my travels and created some for you too.

“This reminds me of a 90s teen movie in the best way.”

– Ariel V.

“You've got a keen eye for capturing the overwhleming abundance of beauty this world has to offer”

– Brendan B.

“This is what I've been feeling! I love it!”

– Chelsae Z.

“Great cinematography, color grading and voiceover!”

– Ariel V.

“I'm definitely a middle ground kind of girl. ps what book were you reading?”

– Melissa T.